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For medieval and early modern thinkers, the apparent solidity of the body only came about through the dynamic interplay of a host of fluidities in constant flux. This interdisciplinary collection of essays, containing chapters from specialists in history, art history, medical history, and literature, examines how the intimately familiar language of the body served as a convenient medium through which to imagine and describe transformations of the larger world, both for the better and also for the worse. Its individual contributors demonstrate the myriad ways in which rethinking the human body was one way to approach rethinking the social, political, and religious realities of the world from the Middle Ages until the early modern period. Anne M.

Occupational Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids Procedure - Wheatbelt

This article is only available in the PDF format. Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. This is the first of a series of handbooks planned by a committee of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

About half of it 12 sections is concerned with the blood; the remainder 13 sections deals with hemolymph, cerebrospinal fluid, water and electrolyte content of nervous tissue, fluids of body cavities, total body water and its intracellular and extracellular fractions, urine, digestive secretions, reproductive secretions, milk, dermal secretions, fluids of ear and eye, and body fluids especially blood during pregnancy. While the emphasis is on data from man, data on animals, including invertebrates, make up a substantial part of the book.

The total amount of information is stupendous and testifies to the diligence of investigators in biology; the care with which it has been digested and set forth by the advisory committee and the handbook staff deserves the highest praise.

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Contact with Blood or Body Fluids: Protecting against Infection

This Act enables a person who has come into contact with a bodily fluid of another person to apply for a court order requiring the other person to provide a blood sample which will be tested to determine if that person is infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. An individual can apply for a testing order if they are exposed to the bodily fluids of another person as a result of:. Health, Seniors and Active Living. Get Started. Close Window.

PDF | The health care workers should be aware of Universal Work Precaution (​UWP) as there is an increased risk of exposure to infectious.

Occupational exposure to blood and body fluids of nurses at emergency department

Blood and body fluids, such as saliva, semen and vaginal fluid, can contain viruses that can be passed on to other people. Body fluids, such as sweat, tears, vomit or urine may contain and pass on these viruses when blood is present in the fluid, but the risk is low. If you come into contact with blood or body fluids, always treat them as potentially infectious.

Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Exposure to blood and body fluids is one of the hidden hazards faced by health care workers HCWs. The objective of the present study was to estimate the incidence of such exposure in a teaching hospital. Self-reported occurrence and the circumstances of the same were recorded by face-to-face interviews using a semi-structured questionnaire.

It provides guidance on the management of occupational exposures and describes the mandatory requirements to ensure the HCW is managed appropriately to minimise the risk of blood borne virus BBV acquisition and in accordance with current evidence-informed protocols. Compliance with this Operational Directive is mandatory for all public hospitals and those licensed private healthcare facilities contracted to provide services to public patients. Public Health.

Contact with Blood or Body Fluids: Protecting against Infection

Bodily fluids come in all forms and although unpleasant to think about, they are all vital to our health. Bodily fluids are just like the fluids in our cars. Gas, oil, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid all serve a role in helping our cars function properly. Bodily fluids are liquids that come from inside human bodies and help transport nutrients and expel waste from human cells.

A significant percentage of the human body is water, which includes intracellular and extracellular fluids. In physiology, body water is the water content of the human body. It makes up a significant percentage of the total composition of a body. Water is a necessary component to support life for many reasons. All cells in the human body are made mostly of water content in their cytoplasm. Water molecule : A 3-dimensional model of hydrogen bonds labeled 1 between molecules of water. Water also provides a fluid environment for extracellular communication and molecular transport throughout the body.

PDF | Occupational exposure to blood and body fluids is an important hazard for health care workers, which places them at a high risk for.


Body fluids , bodily fluids , or biofluids are liquids within the human body. The exact percentage of fluid relative to body weight is inversely proportional to the percentage of body fat. A lean 70 kg pound man, for example, has about 42 42—47 liters of water in his body. The total body of water is divided between the intracellular fluid ICF compartment also called space, or volume and the extracellular fluid ECF compartment space, volume in a two-to-one ratio : 28 28—32 liters are inside cells and 14 14—15 liters are outside cells. The ECF compartment is divided into the interstitial fluid volume — the fluid outside both the cells and the blood vessels — and the intravascular volume also called the vascular volume and blood plasma volume — the fluid inside the blood vessels — in a three-to-one ratio : the interstitial fluid volume is about 12 liters, the vascular volume is about 4 liters. The vascular volume is divided into the venous volume and the arterial volume; and the arterial volume has a conceptually useful but unmeasurable subcompartment called the effective arterial blood volume. Body fluid is the term most often used in medical and health contexts.

Jump to content. Blood and body fluid precautions are recommendations designed to prevent the transmission of HIV , hepatitis B virus HBV , hepatitis C virus HCV , and other diseases while giving first aid or other health care that includes contact with body fluids or blood. These precautions treat all blood and body fluids as potentially infectious for diseases that are transmitted in the blood. The organisms spreading these diseases are called blood-borne pathogens. Blood and body fluid precautions apply to blood and other body fluids that contain visible traces of blood, semen, and vaginal fluids.

The purpose of this document is to provide Health Care Workers HCW with guidelines for the management of an exposure to another person's blood or body fluids in health care settings. Skip to navigation Skip to content Menu.

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Occupational exposure to blood and body fluids of nurses at emergency department

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