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Set Off And Carry Forward Of Losses Income Tax Act 1961 Pdf

set off and carry forward of losses income tax act 1961 pdf

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Set Off and Carry Forward of Income Losses

This provides some relief to the person who has incurred the losses. Set off of losses means adjusting the losses against the profit of a particular financial year. If the profits are insufficient to set off the losses, they can be carried forward to the next assessment year. In this adjustment, an assessee has the option to set off the losses of one source of the profit of any other source under the same head. This adjustment is not possible in the following cases:.

Set-off and carry-forward provisions. A loss when not set off due to legal bar or due to insufficiency of income from other eligible source or head, it may be carried forward to a subsequent year for set off against income of that year. Income from ordinary sources. What follows are some of the salient features proposed in the new dispensation. Losses from these sources are to be adjusted only against the respective incomes and cannot be adjusted against other incomes.

Set off and Carry Forward of Losses under Income Tax 1961

Mondaq uses cookies on this website. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. The Total income is arrived at by aggregating income under all the 'heads of income' during the year and allowing certain deductions that the assessee is eligible to claim in accordance with the Income Tax Act. Further, there are certain defined nature of income which are specifically 'exempt' from tax and thus they do not form part of the total income for the year. In case an assessee has incurred loss in any year, it is only fair that such loss be allowed to be carried forward and set-off against the income of the subsequent year.

2) Long-term capital loss cannot be set off against any income other than Provisions under the Income-tax law in relation to carry forward and set off of Section 79 of the Income-tax Act, provides for carry forward and set-off of losses.

Set Off and Carry Forward of Losses

A person can set off and carry forward the income losses incurred as per the Income Tax Act ; it is a big boon to a Person because it plays an important role on the financial condition of a Person who has incurred such Losses. So the legislature affected the provisions of set-off and carry forward of income losses so that an assessee would not have to bear the burden of paying taxes in the case of losses. If income from a particular source is exempt from tax, then loss from such source cannot be set off against any other income which is chargeable to tax.

The Income-Tax Act, , allows set-off and carry-forward of the loss incurred by any assessee subject to some restrictions. Let us see the relevant provisions relating to set-off of losses under the different heads of income:. On carrying forward to subsequent years, this loss can be set off only against business income and not against any other head of income. But even after such setting off if the resultant figure is a loss, then it can be carried forward for set off in subsequent years up to four assessment years. In subsequent years, setting-off of the loss is allowed only against speculation profit [Section 73].

Set-off and Carry forward of Losses amended provisions from 2020-21

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Setting off and carrying forward of losses

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