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Difference Between Movable And Immovable Property Pdf

difference between movable and immovable property pdf

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Transfer of property Act (TOPA) (TPA)

Property ownership has its own classification: movable and immovable property. Movable property refers to personal property, which is either consumable or nonconsumable. On the other hand, immovable property refers to roads, constructions and buildings. They are referred to as immovable because they adhere to the soil. The Civil Code of the Philippines gives a detailed information about the difference between these classifications.

Guide to Selling Your Home

It is a surprising fact that the Transfer of Property Act does not contain a comprehensive definition of immovable property. This is a negative definition and is not satisfactory. This expression means:. Things rooted to the earth are immovable property. By combing above definitions, we may say that the term includes land, benefits to arise out of lands, and things attached to the earth, except standing timber, growing crops and grass. Meaning of Land:.

Ambransh Bhandari Nov 23, 0 comments. Property is not merely a piece of land or some asset. It is a much wider concept. Property is a relation of a person, juristic person or entity with an object upon which such person holds a right over it. Property is, therefore, an object whether tangible- intangible, movable-immovable over which an individual claims ownership with all the rights accrued along with. Claiming right over an object often comes with legal hindrances that could be sorted out by taking the opinion and assistance of an advocate dealing with property matters because an expert property lawyer will be profoundly conversant with the property laws and jurisprudence. In layman language, it is very much clear that movable property is that which can be moved from one place to another without any damage.

Immovable Property: (S. 3)

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It not only includes money and other tangible things of value, but also includes any intangible right considered as a source or element of income or wealth Definition and concept of property. Property has a very wider meaning in its real sense. It not only includes money and other tangible things of value, but also includes any intangible right considered as a source or element of income or wealth.

Before defining the term, we have to ask ourselves, in which context it is being used. As the law is ever-changing, the meaning of property is also not fixed and changes with time. The term may have different sense depending on the connection in which it is used; its purpose should be gathered from then prevailing concepts as reflected by contemporaneous construction.

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Definition & concept of property


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