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Electric Guitar And Bass Design Pdf

electric guitar and bass design pdf

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The bass guitar , electric bass or simply bass , is the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family. It is a plucked string instrument similar in appearance and construction to an electric or an acoustic guitar , but with a longer neck and scale length , and typically four to six strings or courses. Since the mids, the bass guitar has largely replaced the double bass in popular music.

Electric Guitar and Bass Design

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For those who may not know, I've been playing musical instruments most of my life, with guitar as my primary instrument. For the non-guitar players, Bass guitar has the same note structure as the guitar. The low four strings on the guitar and the strings on a 4-string Bass are E-A-D-G, with the Bass an octave below the guitar. I enjoy recording music on my computer, and while many computer recording programs have "canned" Bass riffs you can insert into your song, they almost never seem to be exactly what I'm wanting. I suppose I could search for a local Bass player that could come over and lay down some notes, but there are times like between Mid-night and 4am that it would be both inconvenient and improbable to have someone stop by, especially since many of my musical ideas come at strange hours and are gone again if I don't act quickly. Of course I could go down to any of our local music stores and buy a Bass, but after building a Les Paul an electric guitar originally built by Gibson that both plays and looks good patting my own back, gotta make sure I don't hurt my shoulder! Plus, the Basses for sale at music stores are usually fairly expensive if you look at the higher quality units or made with less attention to detail and some can be difficult to keep the strings in tune.

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The humble acoustic guitar, in various iterations, has been around for several hundred years — even longer, when you consider Renaissance instruments like the lute. The modern American acoustic guitar was conceived by C. Martin back in — a design that continues successfully to this day. Although players have loved the classic and familiar tone produced by traditional dreadnaught or OM-style acoustic guitars, they have come to realize that these guitars are all-too-easily subject to the destructive effects of changes temperature and humidity. This is partly due to their design and the delicacy of their construction; cracked tops and warped necks are the most common.

Electric Guitar and Bass Design: The guitar or bass of your dreams, from the first draft to the complete plan [Lospennato, Leonardo, Steinberger, Ned, Mottola.

Bass guitar

Make Your Own Electric Guitar & Bass.pdf

The shape of the Mezzaluna bass body is designed to enhance ergonomics of the instrument, in particular to improve hand position of the fretting hand and thus reduce conditions that exacerbate tendinitis in that hand. The shape was not chosen for arbitrary reasons — this is a case of form following function. It is most difficult to maintain good hand position when playing in first position, as the hand is far from the shoulder.

“Electric Guitar and Bass DESIGN”

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I have no detailed plans of my own basses. I usually start with a drawing, more or less scaled. The body is drawn life-size on a piece of hardboard en sawed out. I get a better impression of the body that way, and i can use that as a mold during the glueing of the various pieces. I often alter the shape a bit on the hardboard a bit, a little sharper edge here, a little rounder there. That sort of thing.

Here are brief descriptions, photos, and plans for a few of my original instrument designs. The plans are not for beginners, but experienced luthiers will have no problem with them as is, and may find these useful points of departure for their own designs, too. The plans are available as full-size PDFs. These days large format PDFs can be printed out cheaply at any copy store or office supply store.

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