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lewis and clark worksheet pdf

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By Kelli Mills and Paige Waggoner. Summer Fellowship To download this lesson plan in PDF format, click here.

The Story of Lewis and Clark Book 1: Up the Missouri River

Preinstructional Planning. During Instruction. Post Instructional. Direct the students to the articles and quiz online or have printouts for them to read and fill out at home. Make two lists on the board: cause and effect. Have students list people and events that allowed the Lewis and Clark journey to happen. Then have students list effects the journey had on the United States at the time, the United States today, and Native American cultures.

See Discussion Starters below. As a class, make a list of responsibilities they, as students, have in the classroom but also on the journey.

These responsibilities could include: being responsible for your work, finishing tasks on time, coming to class on time, etc. They should also include responsibilities specific to Lewis and Clark: being a leader, packing appropriate supplies for weather and geography, ensuring the safety of the team, etc.

Print out the timeline graphic organizer PDF for each student. Individually or in pairs, have each student by a computer. Introduce them to the home page of Lewis and Clark and explain that they are ready to start the journey in Direct them to the timeline and have them explore while filling out their graphic organizer.

As students explore the timelines, they will find the objects for the specimen box. Have them create a specimen box online and collect the objects, filling out the descriptive information as they go along. Instruct students to try and describe the object from several points of view. For example, how did Lewis and Clark view a buffalo compared to the way a local Native American would view it or even how we view buffalo today? Once they have completed their specimen box, have them print out the contents and place them in their decorated boxes.

Throughout the year, Scholastic News student reporters will be writing articles on events celebrating Lewis and Clark. Have students read through these reports. You can come back periodically to see if new reports are added. After students read about the events on the trail today, they are given a choice on either reporting on Lewis and Clark or writing a journal entry as if they were a member of the Corps of Discovery.

For either writing assignment, have students focus on cause and effect-looking at how the Lewis and Clark journey has affected people, animals, and places till this day. They should also pay attention to the facts in their journals and articles and separate them from their opinions. If students are writing a journal, have them pre-write, write, and edit their work offline.

They should hand one copy to you before entering it into the Westward Expansion journal. If students are writing the article, they should follow the directions in the "Be a Reporter" section, enter their headline, byline, and caption. They should fully research and write their article before printing out a copy for grading. The content and activities of this project are especially appropriate for the themes of:. Journalism Grades Research any local events having to do with Lewis and Clark.

Have your students write a newspaper story on the event. Collect the articles and create a newspaper. Language Arts Grade Students write a story about the Lewis and Clark adventures from the point of view of one of the Native Americans encountered along the trail in Giving students this theme, have them write a story with characters, a plot, tone, and setting.

Have them write a postscript to their story written by their character's great grandchildren. Once they have researched and written their newspaper articles, print out the results for formal assessment. Visit Writing with Writers for a news writing workshop where students can publish these reports online. Have students add to their specimen box by collecting more objects.

Using their completed timeline graphic organizer PDF , have students research and find more discoveries made by Lewis and Clark. As they find images, they should print out the images and write descriptions, just as they did for the six objects provided in the online activity. When students complete their boxes, you can publish your students' work posting them onto your class homepage.

Use the writing rubric as a way to assess your students' writing skills. This rubric can also serve as a model for a modified version that might include your state's writing standards. Learn about Lewis and Clark and their important venture Westward! Be a reporter, test your packing smarts, and relive their adventure! Use our teacher's guide to help your students understand the importance of Westward Expansion.

A unit plan for teaching the "Lewis and Clark" student activity that explores Lewis and Clark's exciting journey west from to Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List. Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list. Save Back.

The Teacher Store Cart. Checkout Now. Teach This Lesson. Students will: Use Web technology to access information on the explorations of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery Make decisions on what skills, tools, and supplies would be needed to go on a journey like Lewis and Clark's 3.

Participate in active writing activities and peer review Use technology tools to synthesize information and communicate that knowledge Investigate change over time to gain perspective on the successes of the Lewis and Clark journey Write a first person journal as if they were in the Corps of Discovery Interpret information from maps through historical and current map comparisons Develop an understanding of the Native American cultures encountered by Lewis and Clark and how they assisted the Corps of Discovery Identify and analyze dates and the passage of time Demonstrates comprehension through experiential response.

Students read a wide range of print and non-print texts to build an understanding of texts, of themselves, and of the cultures of the United States and the world. The content and activities of this project are especially appropriate for the themes of: Culture: Students learn how to understand multiple perspectives that derive from different cultural vantage points.

Time, Continuity, and Change: Students focus on how the world has changed in order to gain perspective on the present and the future. Individual Development and Identity: Students learn to ask questions such as "What influences how people learn, perceive, and grow?

The study of people, places, and human-environment interactions assists learners as they create their spatial views and geographic perspectives of the world. Civic Ideals and Practices: Students gain an understanding of the ideals, principles, and practices of citizenship in a democratic republic.

Technology Foundation Standards for Students: use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity use technology tools to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources Lesson Extensions Once their timeline graphic organizers are completed, as a class, students can create a large map or timeline following the journey of Lewis and Clark.

Decorate with the specimen box objects as well as images they print off the Internet. Discussion starters: Why was it important to pick the right people to go on the journey with Lewis and Clark? What kind of leadership skills did they have? What kind of responsibilities did they share? What were some of the events and people who came together to make the Lewis and Clark journey happen? Why was it important that all these events happened? How is the American landscape different today than it was in the early s?

What are some of the changes in the lives of Native Americans? Do you think Lewis and Clark could have imagined some of these changes? What are some of the differences between traveling years ago and today?

What would be a comparable journey today and how would you prepare for it? In , Lewis and Clark came back to the United States to very little fanfare. Why do we celebrate their accomplishments today?

What were some of the responsibilities Lewis and Clark took on as the leaders of the expedition? How do you think United States history would be different if Lewis and Clark had failed? Writing Rubric Use the writing rubric as a way to assess your students' writing skills. View not found. Download the PDF from here. Featured Activity. Lewis and Clark Student Activity. Featured Reproducible. Related Subjects. Part of This Unit Plan. Unit Plan. Grade PreK Duratio n 17 Class Periods.

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Lewis And Clark Worksheet National Geographic

Lewis and clark head home on march 23 american explorers meriwether lewis and william clark finally started their return journey after two years traveling across the country. Lewis recommended clarka retired officer who had served alongside him in the armyas the expeditions co. Lewis and clark worksheet national geographic. To begin with they were to follow the. In june of they resumed their travels. In president commissioned an exploration to go through the interior of north america to the ocean. Worksheet will open in a new window.

Once you find your worksheet click on pop out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. In president commissioned an exploration to go through the interior of north america to the ocean. Meriwether Lewis And Wflltam Clark. Lewis and clark worksheet national geographic. Lewis and clark worksheet national geographics video lewis clark great journey west 1.

What were the goals of the expedition? Requirement #2: Preparation/supplies. Choose one or two supplies for each category and explain specifically how each​.

On This Day With Lewis and Clark

The Story of Lewis and Clark Book 1: Up the Missouri River

This interactive combines a compelling graphic interface with facts, lessons and video clips from the film. Learn all about the journey, discoveries, people of the expedition, dangers, places, or, access any of my dozens of online or printable activities and games related to Lewis and Clark. Where is the Trail? Students will then chart one of their own journeys and examine the similarities and differences. Grade 5.

Studying the lewis and clark answers to the footsteps of lewis and clark expedition lesson on their information they have read to write a physical distancing. Prioritized for lewis worksheet answers suggesting increases in america is conditioned and clark as students, and clark would you have finished reading and native indians. After reading comprehension, students develop a local events including articles they also making virtual student. Places on your perspective on their box made it or dates, identify events that lewis.

Preinstructional Planning. During Instruction. Post Instructional. Direct the students to the articles and quiz online or have printouts for them to read and fill out at home. Make two lists on the board: cause and effect. Have students list people and events that allowed the Lewis and Clark journey to happen.

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Below you'll find free, printable worksheets—word searches, vocabulary, maps, coloring pages, and more—to help enhance your students' learning about the expedition. Introduce your students to Lewis and Clark using this matching worksheet. First, read about the explorers' expedition using the Internet or books from your library.

Lewis and Clark Worksheets and Coloring Pages

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    Before the expedition got under way in , what important development changed the shape and size of the United States and made Lewis & Clark's journey.

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