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Apache Spark Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

apache spark interview questions and answers pdf

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Stay updated with latest technology trends Join DataFlair on Telegram!! This guide on spark interview questions and answers will help you to improve the skills that will shape you for Spark developer job roles. Hope these questions will help you to crack the Spark interview.

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Apache Spark has a market share of about 4. So, You still have an opportunity to move ahead in your career in Apache Spark Development. Interested in mastering Apache Spark Course?

Top Apache Spark Interview Questions You Should Prepare In 2021

Stay updated with latest technology trends Join DataFlair on Telegram!! This guide on spark interview questions and answers will help you to improve the skills that will shape you for Spark developer job roles. Hope these questions will help you to crack the Spark interview.

Happy Job Hunting! What is the reason behind the evolution of this framework? It has an expressive APIs to allow big data professionals to efficiently execute streaming as well as the batch.

Apache Spark provides faster and more general data processing platform engine. It basically designed for fast computation and developed at UC Berkeley in It distributes data in a file system across the cluster, and process that data in parallel. Spark covers a wide range of workloads like batch applications, iterative algorithms, interactive queries and streaming.

It lets you write an application in Java, Python or Scala. Spark keeps things in memory whereas map reduces keep shuffling things in and out of disk. It allows to cache data in memory which is beneficial in iterative algorithm those used in machine learning. Spark is easier to develop as it knows how to operate on data.

It supports SQL queries, streaming data as well as graph data processing. In terms of speed spark run programs up to x faster in memory or 10x faster on disk than Map Reduce. Batch processing is very efficient in the processing of high volume data.

Hadoop MapReduce adopted the batch-oriented model. MapReduce process is slower than spark because due to produce a lot of intermediary data. Apache Spark is written in Scala. Many people use Scala for the purpose of development. Spark Core is the base of Spark for parallel and distributed processing of huge datasets. It is used for manipulating and taking information in varied formats. The main abstraction in SparkSQL is information sets that act on structured data. It supports real-time data analytics, data streaming SQL.

SparkSQL defines 3 varieties of function:. Spark Streaming is a light-weight API that permits developers to perform execution and streaming of information application. Discretized Streams kind the bottom abstraction in Spark Streaming. It leverages the quick programming capability of Apache Spark core to perform streaming analytics by ingesting information in mini-batches. It can read and then process data from other file systems as well. Spark does not have any storage layer, so it relies on one of the distributed storage systems for distributed computing like HDFS, Cassandra etc.

It meant for distributed computing. One more reason for using Hadoop with Spark is they both are open source and both can integrate with each other rather easily as compared to other data storage system. How are they computed in Spark? RDD is the large collection of data or an array of reference of partitioned objects.

Each and every dataset in RDD is logically partitioned across many servers so that they can compute on different nodes of the cluster. RDD is a read-only, partitioned collection of data. It can also generates by parallelizing an existing collection in your application or referring a dataset in an external storage system.

It is cacheable. As it operates on data over multiple jobs in computations such as logistic regression, k-means clustering, PageRank algorithms, which makes it reuse or share data among multiple jobs. Spark RDD is an immutable, partitioned collection of elements on the cluster which can operates in parallel. In this, the data is loaded from the external dataset. It takes URL of the file and read it as a collection of line. Use SparkSession.

DataFrameReader supports many file formats-. How is lazy evaluation helpful in reducing the complexity of the System? Transformations are lazy , i. Transformations can execute only when actions are called. After executing a transformation, the result RDD s will always be different from their ancestors RDD and can be smaller e.

Dependencies are the steps for producing results in a program. Each RDD in lineage chain, string of dependencies has a function for operating its data and has a pointer dependency to its ancestor RDD. Spark will divide RDD dependencies into stages and tasks and then send those to workers for execution. Follow this link to read more. Narrow transformations are the result of map, filter and in which data to transform id from a single partition only, i.

Wide transformations are the result of groupByKey and reduceByKey. The data required to compute the records in a single partition may reside in many partitions of the parent RDD. Wide transformations are also called shuffle transformations as they may or may not depend on a shuffle. All of the tuples with the same key must end up in the same partition, processed by the same task.

How is it useful? In this DAG, all the operations are classified into different stages, with no shuffling of data in a single stage. By this way, Spark can optimize the execution by looking at the DAG at its entirety, and return the appropriate result to the driver program.

Below are the operations being performed in the driver program:. If all the transformations in the above driver program are eagerly evaluated, then the whole log file will load into memory, all of the data within the file will split base on the tab, now either it needs to write the output of FlatMap somewhere or keep it in the memory. Spark needs to wait until the next operation is performed with the resource blocked for the upcoming operation.

Apart from this for each and every operation spark need to scan all the records, like for FlatMap process all the records then again process them in filter operation. By this lazy evaluation in Spark, the number of switches between driver program and cluster is also reduced thereby saving time and resources in memory, and also there is an increase in the speed of computation.

The illustration of dependencies in between RDDs is understood because of the lineage graph. It takes one element from an RDD and can produce 0, 1 or many outputs based on business logic. It is similar to Map operation, but Map produces one to one output. For more details, refer: Map Vs Flatmap Operations. Each pair of elements will returns as a k, v1, v2 tuple, where k, v1 is in this and k, v2 is in other. Performs a hash join across the cluster.

It is joining two datasets. When can you coalesce to a larger number of partitions? This results in a narrow dependency, e. This will add a shuffle step but means the current upstream partitions will execut in parallel per whatever the current partitioning is.

This is useful if you have a small number of partitions, say , potentially with a few partitions being abnormally large. Coalesce operation changes a number of the partition where data is stored. It combines original partitions to a new number of partitions, so it reduces the number of partitions. Coalesce operation is an optimized version of repartition that allows data movement, but only if you are decreasing the number of RDD partitions.

It runs operations more efficiently after filtering large datasets. Action function materializes a value in a Spark program. Actions are one of two ways to send data from executors to the driver the other being accumulators.

Lazy computation Ex: filter , union. In order to identify the operation, one needs to look at the return type of an operation. Hence, Transformation constructs a new RDD from an existing one previous one while Action computes the result based on applied transformation and returns the result to either driver program or save it to the external storage.

A partition in Spark is a logical division of data stored on a node in the cluster. They are the basic units of parallelism in Apache Spark. RDDs are a collection of partitions. When some actions are executed, a task is launched per partition.

By default, partitions are automatically created by the framework. However, the number of partitions in Spark are configurable to suit the needs. For the number of partitions, if spark. Unless spark. A partitioner is an object that defines how the elements in a key-value pair RDD are partitioned by key, maps each key to a partition ID from 0 to numPartitions — 1.

It captures the data distribution at the output. With the help of partitioner, the scheduler can optimize the future operations. The contract of partitioner ensures that records for a given key have to reside on a single partition. We should choose a partitioner to use for a cogroup-like operations.

Spark Interview Questions

In this list of the top most-asked Apache Spark interview questions and answers, you will find all you need to clear your Spark job interview. As a professional in the field of Big Data, it is important for you to know all the terms and technologies related to this field, including Apache Spark, which is among the most popular and in-demand technologies in Big Data. Go through these Apache Spark interview questions to prepare for job interviews to get a head start in your career in Big Data:. Compare MapReduce with Spark. What is Apache Spark? Explain the key features of Spark.

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. Apache Spark has an advanced DAG execution engine that performs in-memory computing and supports acyclic data flows. This makes Spark computations super-fast. Spark supports multiple programming languages. Apache Spark provides multiple components on top of Spark core.

Following are frequently asked Apache Spark questions for freshers as well as experienced Data Science professionals. Apache Spark is easy to use and flexible data processing framework. Spark can round on Hadoop , standalone, or in the cloud. Dstream is a sequence of resilient distributed database which represent a stream of data. Sparse vector is a vector which has two parallel arrays, one for indices, one for values, use for storing non-zero entities to save space. Accumulators are the write-only variables. They are initialized once and sent to the workers.

apache spark interview questions and answers pdf

SparkConf allows you to configure some of the common properties (e.g. master URL and application name), as well as arbitrary key-value pairs through the set()​.

50 Frequently Asked Apache Spark Interview Questions

With the increasing demand from the industry, to process big data at a faster pace -Apache Spark is gaining huge momentum when it comes to enterprise adoption. Hadoop MapReduce well supported the need to process big data fast but there was always a need among developers to learn more flexible tools to keep up with the superior market of midsize big data sets, for real time data processing within seconds. To support the momentum for faster big data processing, there is increasing demand for Apache Spark developers who can validate their expertise in implementing best practices for Spark - to build complex big data solutions.

Stay updated with latest technology trends Join DataFlair on Telegram!! As we know Apache Spark is a booming technology nowadays. Hence it is very important to know each and every aspect of Apache Spark as well as Spark Interview Questions. So, this blog will definitely help you regarding the same.

Top 100 Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers

1. Spark Interview Questions

Apache Spark is one of the most popular distributed, general-purpose cluster-computing frameworks. The open-source tool offers an interface for programming an entire computer cluster with implicit data parallelism and fault-tolerance features. Here we have compiled a list of the top Apache Spark interview questions. These will help you gauge your Apache Spark preparation for cracking that upcoming interview. Do you think you can get the answers right? Answer : An RDD or Resilient Distribution Dataset is a fault-tolerant collection of operational elements that are capable to run in parallel.

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Top 50 Spark Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

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Apache Spark Interview Questions

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