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globalization and human security pdf

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The Global Challenge of Human Security

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Elamiryan Annotation: The article observes the problem of human security in the process of globalization from information security perspective. It discusses and reveals the main threats to human security on national, regional and global levels of information security.

The author is convinced that nowadays national, regional and global security architecture should be human-centric instead of being state-centric, specifically when it comes to the perspective of information warfare.

Keywords: human security, globalization, information warfare, multivector cooperation, security architecture. Cohen thinks that human security is the fundamental basis of international security system based on cooperation and represents its first level.

And only effective functioning of this security ring provides stabile functioning of the whole system [1]. In this context, two documents, such as UNDP Human development report and Human security now , receives specific role, as they outlined the importance of human security and its unique role, making the security system human-centric. In 21st century challenges to security provision became more complicated. States remain fundamental security guarantors, but rather often are not able to fulfill their obligations, and sometimes they become a threat for the own people.

Partially agreeing with this statement, we want to mention that state security and national interests remain very important in international relations, but in context of information security human security should become key component. And this does not mean the death of the state, vice versa, state should become stronger and concentrate more on human security.

On one hand new technologies increase access to information, allow providing more transparency of economic, social, political and legal processes. Such inalienable human right as freedom of speech rises on qualitatively new level because of the relatively uncontrolled network, and censorship becomes almost impossible, except of blocking either separate sources or the WWW in general.

Freedom, shifting to anarchy, can create new information threats. They were always, but novelty is in 1. Volumes, 2. This creates direct possibility for manipulations and information-psychological impact. Above mentioned changes brings us up to what is called information warfare of 2 nd generation and assume radical revision of security concepts and development of modernized instruments to provide human, social and state security.

Nichiporuk defines information warfare as the process of defense of your own sources to lead information warfare IW , and, simultaneously, actions to destroy similar sources of the enemy. He emphasizes six subgroups of IW, one of which is defensive — operational security, and the least five is offensive: electronic warfare, psychological operations, radio-electronic suppression, physical attacks on information process, as well as and information attacks on the information process [7].

Thus we can sum up this and outline two levels of information warfare. The first level is expressed by use of different technologies to impact human consciousness.

This mechanism creates wide range of possibilities for purposeful influence on psychology of humans and the society in general. These technologies allow changing opinions, visions, value orientations, motives and positions, stereotypes of behavior, forming real possibility to manipulate moods, guide public opinion, challenging the whole system of nation, regional and global security. The second level is directed towards technical component of the opponent.

In this regard the target is information-communication systems, centers of information processing and analysis, communication resources, including computer networks and new media. These operations allow blocking and incapacitating information infrastructure, as well as perform unauthorized access to databases of enemy.

Despite some definite independence and apparent autonomy of these two levels, they are components of unite complex system, and only systematic approach will allow to analyze comprehensively full range of threats and develop mechanism of their elimination.

Only systematic approach makes it possible to effectively train and be ready for possible challenges to human security in information sphere. Miscalculations on any level will lead to failure of the whole system. They can be observed on three levels: local domestic , regional and global.

Particular threats come from new social media and social networks. Another very serious threat is the insufficient level of democratic development. In this regard Armenian scientist, doctor-professor M. Unfortunately we live in very difficult region with wide range of problems, specifically in information field.

These problems deeply affect the human security and create bad human ecology. Every day huge quantity of information appears in conventional and new Media, directed to human minds in different countries. The point is each of these operations being directed towards specific recipient has also inverse effect and undermines human ecology and make damages even to the population of the country-initiator of the information operation.

Understanding this, we offer to concentrate our attention on reduction of possible negative effects of confrontation, as well as revealing possible ways of cooperation. Additional protocol envisages, specifically, criminalization of racist and xenophobic actions, implementing with help of computer systems [10].

In our opinion, all the countries, specifically regional, should ratify it and take energetic actions to implement it. This will allow prevent the rise of extremist and terrorist groups and eliminate them in early stages. Meantime this will stimulate the creation of early- prevention system, based on international cooperation, which can widely stop recruiting of new members into radical groups, as well as exercising actions, prohibited in the Protocol.

It helps to distract from existing problems and concentrate on the fields of possible mutual cooperation. Thus we see increasing importance of international cooperation to protect human security, as well as develop dialogue to increase and develop mutual understanding, empathy and cooperation. Globalization and development of network society throw direct challenge for national-cultural identities.

Another essential threat is attempts from some countries to establish global control over all information sources all over the world. The revealing of Eduard Snowden proves it [12]. One more global threat is international crime and terrorism. All these threats influence destructively on human security, development and stability, undermines psychological component of human, his ability for normal and healthy development, as well as erodes real understanding of reality.

In this regard clear, strong and effective mechanisms must be developed to provide human security on local, regional and global levels. In our opinion this should be done through several directions: 1. Strengthening the moral and psychological component of human.

This includes development of user culture, technical and digital literacy, as well as moral- psychological resistance of human. These measures represent a complex unity of educational activities aimed to raise knowledge of humans in sphere of modern technologies, as well as implementation of psychological trainings for adequate perception and reaction to possible manipulations. It sees the solution in investing into humans and technology, and offers working with government and private sector to produce more secure technologies to promote these goals.

According to the Strategy, comprehensive national campaign is started to widespread knowledge in field of cyber security and to promote digital literacy among population. This will allow forming digital labor force for 21st century [13]. This will stimulate the formation of a more strong and prepared human who will be able to resist modern threats and challenges in information space. Modernization of human values. This component of human security comprises the establishment of self-expression value term by Ronald Inglehart, Christian Welzel as a precondition for active civil involvement and development of civil society.

According to them modernization gives birth to cultural shifts and leads to human autonomy and democracy [14]. Two more directions of modernization of human values are the necessity to overcome fear from new technologies, which mostly experience the older generation, and development of new technologies use culture. All these measures will lead to the development of a modernized human prepared and resistant to life conditions of network society and global development.

Multivector cooperation. In modern international relation states remain fundamental security guaranties. Meantime very often they are becoming unable to fulfill their obligations and sometimes threaten to fundamental rights and freedoms of own population. In this regard international mechanism should become dominant to provide human and social security.

For this reason multivector cooperation in context of providing of human security represents complex and multilevel structure. The first one is complementary cooperation and collective security. These two components of human security directed into and out of security system suppose multifaceted international cooperation to provide essential human rights and human development, as well as to develop peace culture and cooperation culture.

All these organizations can become effective collective security mechanisms of communication, dialogue and mutual respect for the start. Meantime specific importance receives development of peace culture and cooperation culture. In this regard M. Margaryan, based on the ideas of famous Norwegian scientist Johan Galtung, develops the idea of positive peace culture [15] in our region, which is essential for durable peace, socio-economic and political development both in the South Caucasus and wider region.

Thus, IW is inhumane and dangerous for world peace and stability. For this reason world community should bring together its forces to impede the possibilities of different Human manipulations, because an unequipped, untrained and unprepared human cannot resist alone the rising quantity of information using for different manipulations as well as personal data leaks.

The most danger comes from terrorist organizations and radical extremist groups which via internet, cable TV and social Media do their best to spread widely their ideology, to influence on human mind and recruit new followers to bring instability and chaos in the world. In this regard world community should unite its efforts to reduce its negative effects. Thus, all these measures will lead to comprehensive human security, based, on one hand, on modernized, strong and resistant moral-psychological human, and on the other — on long-life international cooperation.

Bibliography: 1. Human security now, p. Human Development Report: New dimensions of human security, p. Molander, Peter A.

Wilson, B. Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime, concerning the criminalisation of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems CETS No.

Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime, concerning the criminalisation of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems, Strasbourg, Rheingold H. Inglehart R. Related Papers.


After the first decade of the Twenty-First Century, we have come to recognize that the world has become a dangerous place, with terrorism and bloody local conflicts. Humanitarian efforts and human rights laws are largely ignored and systematically violated. Social inequality, inside states and among states, has increased dramatically, and poverty in the poorest areas is deepening. Consequent increasing competition for scarce resources contributes to unstable political structures and favours eruption of conflicts. Fluctuations in world commodity prices can trigger dangerous destitution and civil strife.

Add to GoodReads Exam Copies. Globalization and Human Security. This concise text presents a focused, well-rounded, and clear-eyed introduction to the concept of human security. Questioning the utility of traditional national-security frameworks in the post—Cold War era, Paul Battersby and Joseph M. Siracusa argue that we must urgently reconsider the principle of state sovereignty in a global world where threats to humanity are beyond the capacity of any one nation to address through unilateral action. The authors highlight circumstances, actors, and influences beyond the traditional focus on state security, especially the role of international organizations and nongovernmental organizations. They also emphasize the importance of human rights, arguing for the development of an effective intervention capacity to protect individuals from state action as well as other security threats arising from conflict, poverty, disease, and environmental degradation.

globalization and human security pdf

This paper argues that the concept of human security can offer a useful perspective for assessing policy priorities to make globalization better for people, adding.

Global Covid-19 Responses Through a Critical Security Studies Perspective

What is Human Security? Protracted crises, violent conflicts, natural disasters, persistent poverty, epidemics and economic downturns impose hardships and undercut prospects for peace, stability, and sustainable development.

Globalization and Human Security

The end of the 20th Century and the transition to the 21st is characterized by two simultaneous trends: global political and economic integration processes and national disintegration with broad in security implications. Accordingly, the international relations of the new millennium is impelling many analysts to broaden their conception of security to include issues of human security broadly defined. In other words, while internationalization is producing positive effects in some states, it is also generating many negative results in others.

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