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Microwave Oven Block Diagram And Its Working Pdf

microwave oven block diagram and its working pdf

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The key component of a microwave oven is the microwave generator, also called a magnetron, which is based on a high-frequency resonant power converter that drives a transformer followed by a voltage multiplier bridge to generate the high voltage several kilovolts required to drive the magnetron. ST offers a range of trench-gate field-stop IGBTs and gate drivers that together with high-performance STM32 microcontrollers are ideal for the design of high-efficiency microwave generators. We also supply triacs and AC switches to drive the lamp and the motors for the turntable and fan, as well as a set of environmental sensors and LED and LCD display drivers, touchscreen controllers and proximity sensors for touch-less user interfaces.

Microwave Oven Transformer Schematic

Operating Instructions4. Disassembly and Reassembly5. Alignment and Adjustments6. Exploded Views and Parts List8. PCB Diagrams9. Schematic Diagrams. Samsung Electronics. PrecautionFollow these special safety precautions. Although the microwave oven is completely safe during ordinaryuse, repair work can be extremely hazardous due to possible exposure to microwave radiation, as well aspotentially lethal high voltages and currents.

All repairs should be done in accordancewith the procedures described in thismanual. Microwave emission check should beperformed to prior to servicing if the oven isoperative. If the oven operates with the door open :Instruct the user not to operate the oven andcontact the manufacturer and the center fordevices and radiological health immediatly. Check all grounds. Be sure that all of the built-inprotective devices are replaced.

Restore anymissing protective shields. When reinstalling the chassis and itsassemblies, be sure to restore all protectivedevices, including: nonmetallic controlknobs and compartment covers. Make sure that there are no cabinet openingsthrough which people--particularlychildren--might insert objects and contactdangerous voltages.

Examples: Lamp hole,ventilation slots. Instruct owner not to use oven until it hasbeen brought into compliance. Service technicians should remove theirwatches while repairing an MWO. To avoid any possible radiation hazard,replace parts in accordance with the wiring diagram.

Also, use only the exactreplacements for the following parts:Primary and secondary interlock switches,interlock monitor switch. If the fuse is blown by the Interlock MonitorSwitch: Replace all of the following at thesame time: Primary, door sensing switchand power relay, as well as the InterlockMonitor Switch. The correct adjustment ofthese switches is described elsewhere in thismanual.

Make sure that the fuse has thecorrect rating for the particular model beingrepaired. Design Alteration Warning:Use exact replacement parts only, i. This is especially important for theInterlock switches, described above. Never alter or add to the mechanical orelectrical design of the MWO. Any designchanges or additions will void themanufacturer's warranty. Always unplugthe unit's AC power cord from the ACpower source before attempting toremove or reinstall any component orassembly.

Do not apply AC power to theunit or any of its assemblies unless allsolid-state heat sinks are correctly installed. Some semiconductor "solid state" devicesare easily damaged by static electricity.

Examples includeintegrated circuits and field-effecttransistors. Immediately before handling anysemiconductor components or assemblies,drain the electrostatic charge from yourbody by touching a known earth ground. Always connect a test instrument's groundlead to the instrument chassis ground beforeconnecting the positive lead; always removethe instrument's ground lead last.

Samsung Electronics Pretaution Special Servicing Precautions Continued When checking the continuity of the witchesor transformer, always make sure that thepower is OFF, and one of the lead wires isdisconnected. Components that are critical for safety areindicated in the circuit diagram byshading, or.

Use replacement components that have thesame ratings, especially for flame resistanceand dielectric strength specifications. Areplacement part that does not have thesame safety characteristics as the originalmight create shock, fire or other hazards. High Voltage WarningDo not attempt to measure any of the highvoltages--this includes the filament voltageof the magnetron. High voltage is presentduring any cook cycle. Before touching any components or wiring,always unplug the oven and discharge thehigh voltage capacitor See Figure 2.

The high-voltage capacitor remains chargedabout 30 seconds after disconnection. Shortthe negative terminal of the high-voltagecapacitor to the oven chassis. Use ascrewdriver. High voltage is maintained within specifiedlimits by close-tolerance, safety-relatedcomponents and adjustments. If the highvoltage exceeds the specified limits, checkeach of the special components. Auto Defrost ButtonSets weight of food to be defrosted.

Power Level Selection ButtonSets power to level other than high. Clock ButtonSets current time. Disassembly and Reassembly Replacement of Magnetron, Motor Assembly and LampRemove the magnetron including the shield case,permanent magnet, choke coils and capacitors allof which are contained in one assembly. Disconnect all lead wires from the magnetronand lamp. Remove the air cover.

Remove screws securing the magnetron to thewave guide. Take out the magnetron very carefully. Remove tow screws from the back panel of fanmotor assembly. Take out the fan motor assembly. Remove the oven lamp by pulling out from holeof air cover. NOTE2: When replacing the magnetron, be sure toremount the magnetron gasket in thecorrect position and make sure thegasket is in good condition. Capacitor Replacement of High Voltage Transformer1.

Discharge the high voltage capacitor. Disconnect all the leads. Remove the mounting bolts. Reconnect the leads correctly and firmly. Be carefulwhen handling Door "C" because it is fragile. Then remove the door assembly. Key DoorSpring Samsung Electronics. Disassembly and Reassembly Reassembly TestAfter replacement of the defective component parts of the door, reassemble it and follow the instructions below for properinstallation and adjustment so as to prevent an excessive microwave leakage.

When mounting the door to the oven, be sure to adjust the door parallel to the bottom line of the ovenface plate by moving the upper hinge and lower hinge in the direction necessary for proper alignment.

Adjust so that the door has no play between the inner door surface and oven front surface. If the doorassembly is not mounted properly, microwave energy may leak from the space between the door andoven.

Do the microwave leakage test. Disconnect the oven from the power source. When 15A fuse blows out by the operation of interlock monitor switch failure, replace the primaryinterlock switch, door sensing switch, monitor switch and power relay. When the above three switches operate properly, check if any other part such as the control circuit board,blower motor or high voltage transformer is defective. Take out the glass tray and the guide roller fromthe cavity.

Turn the oven upside down to replace the drive motor. Remove a screw securing the drive motor coveror disconnect the drive motor cover from baseplate by nipper. Disconnect all the lead wires from the drive motor. Remove screws securing the drive motor to thecavity. Remove the drive motor and the coupler. When replacing the drive motor, be sure toremount it in the correct position with thecoupler.

Connect all the leads to the drive motor. Screw the drive motor cover to the base platewith a screw driver. Be sure to ground any static electric charge inyour body and never touch the control circuit. Disconnect the connectors from the controlcircuit board. Remove screws securing the control boxassembly. Remove the screw securing the ground tail of thekeyboard. ScrewControl Box Removal of P.

B Assembly1. Remove screw securing the control circuit board. Lift up the control circuit board from the Ass'ycontrol box. When reconnecting the FPC connector, make surethat the holes on the connector are properlyengaged with the hooks on the Plastic Fastener. Window display should not be disassembled asits mounting tabs will be broken. If repair workis difficult, replace with Ass'y control panel.

The membrane key board is attached to theescutcheon base with doublefaced adhesivetape. Therefore, applying hot air such as using ofhair dryer is recommended for smootherremoval.

Microwave oven

A great electronic repair troubleshooting tips and secrets for the technicians and engineers. We also supply triacs and AC switches to drive the lamp and the motors for the turntable and fan, as well as a set of environmental sensors and LED and LCD display drivers, touchscreen controllers and proximity sensors for touch-less user interfaces. Power will be applied to the mains transformer only when the oven door is closed. The fast blow ceramic fuse is of 15 A, V. Interlock switches are linked with the oven door.

Operating Instructions4. Disassembly and Reassembly5. Alignment and Adjustments6. Exploded Views and Parts List8. PCB Diagrams9. Schematic Diagrams.

Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven commonly referred to as a microwave is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently because excitation is fairly uniform in the outer 25—38 mm 1—1. The development of the cavity magnetron in the UK made possible the production of electromagnetic waves of a small enough wavelength microwaves.

This project is designed to replace the defective control board with a new Control Board in Microwave Oven irrespective of brand and capacity. Microwave ovens are dumped as e-waste due to unserviceable control boards. Spare parts such as magnetron, HV transformer, HV diode and drive mechanism, except control board, are readily available in the market. Block diagram of the microwave oven is shown in Fig.

Panasonic Panasonic Microwave Oven Parts. How Do Microwaves Work. Microwave Oven Not Heating Properly.

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Microwave is a very useful home appliance. Good points on how to rectify the microwave heating issue. Microwave heating is a very common issue and experienced person can deal with it quite easily. Awesome blog microwave customized.

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The present invention relates to an inverter microwave oven and a method for controlling the same, and more particularly to an inverter microwave oven and a method for controlling the same, wherein an inverter control unit is provided to vary a switching frequency of an inverter so as to prevent overvoltage from being applied to a magnetron during the initial operation of the microwave oven. The microwave oven is generally adapted to position food in a cavity 1 and radiate electromagnetic waves to the food in the cavity 1 to heat it. A magnetron M acts to generate the electromagnetic waves. In order to drive the magnetron M, a commercial alternating current AC voltage source 3 supplies a commercial AC voltage of 60 Hz to a general home, in which the microwave oven is installed, and an inverter 2 converts the commercial AC voltage from the commercial AC voltage source 3 into a high-power direct current DC voltage of about V or more and supplies the converted DC voltage to the magnetron M. In detail, the commercial AC voltage from the commercial AC voltage source 3 is rectified and converted into a DC voltage by a DC voltage source 4 , composed of a bridge diode, and then inputted to a switching device 5.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave Oven Transformer Schematic. The mains input is two blade connectors on the primary coil thick wire. Someone took the actual schematic diagram out of the envelope that was attached to the steel shell that covers the microwave oven.

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Microwave oven

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