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Preheating And Post Heating In Welding Pdf

preheating and post heating in welding pdf

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These types of thermal treatments are generally required in order to ensure suitable weld integrity and will typically prevent or remove undesirable characteristics in the completed weld. Any form of heat treatment is costly since it demands extra equipment, extra time, and extra handling. For these reasons, heat treatment should only be undertaken after careful consideration of the advantages it may offer.

Preheating involves heating the base metal, either in its entirety or just the region surrounding the joint, to a specific desired temperature, called the preheat temperature, prior to welding. Heating may be continued during the welding process, but frequently the heat from welding is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature without a continuation of the external heat source. The interpass temperature, defined as the base metal temperature between the first and last welding passes, cannot fall below the preheat temperature.


Preheating can be defined as the application of heat to the base metal or substrate before welding. Gas torches, electric heaters, or infra-red radiant pane heaters can all be used to apply preheat, which decreases the weld cooling speed and thereby prevents cold cracking in welds. Figure 1 shows how an increase of preheating temperature affects the cooling rate of welds. For example, where heat input is constant e. Decreasing the cooling rates prevents the formation of brittle weld structures, and removes diffusible hydrogen, which in turn prevents the occurrence of cold cracking in welds. Figure 1.

What is Preheat?

Powered by mwForum 2. Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By tigerlee Date Because On WPS, i did not description on detail about post heating which is heating on welding line as soon as finished welding but our customer asking to us any heating should be written on WPS otherwise all WPS are officially rejected. My opinion post heating is shop skill so no need more detail description. By L Date Post Heating serves the same function as preheating.

Post-heating refers to the maintenance of preheat after the weld has been completed, to allow increased rates of hydrogen evolution from the weld to occur. The post-heat temperature may be the same as, or greater than, the original preheat temperature specified. Post-heat is not usually mandatory in standards, but can be specified by clients. There is some guidance approximate temperature and length of time required in standards [1] but this is non-specific and further advice may need to be taken. A post-heat requirement in a weld procedure usually implies the need for preheat. Post-heat requires full control over time and temperature, to be effective in the removal of hydrogen from the weld, and controlled techniques incorporating thermocouples are preferable. Uncontrolled methods such as hand held flame torches monitored by temperature indicating crayons see FAQ: What is a Tempil stick?

Post weld heat treatment PWHT is a controlled process in which a material that has been welded is reheated to a temperature below its lower critical transformation temperature, and then it is held at that temperature for a specified amount of time. The need for PWHT is mostly due to the residual stresses and micro-structural changes that occur after welding has been completed. As the weld cools, residual stress is formed. Therefore, the part is heated to a specified temperature for a given amount of time to reduce these stresses to an acceptable level. The use of PWHT can help reduce any increased hardness levels and improve toughness and ductility to levels acceptable for design. The requirements specified within various pressure vessels and piping codes are mostly due to the chemical makeup and thickness of the material. In such cases, PWHT is mandatory regardless of thickness.

Pre-heating is usually applied immediately prior to cutting while both pre- and post-heating are used in welding. Pre-heating is also used when working with.

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Preheating and postweld heat treating may welding procedures. Within the instructions be necessary in order to produce sound of the W S ,accelerated cooling is sometimes welded assembliesfor ceriain base metals and authorized for certain alloys e. These preheat and postweld stainless steel and high-nickel alloys. How- heat-beat requirements should be specified in ever, it should be noted that for other alloys, the applicable welding procedure specifica- accelerated cooling may be detrimental, and tion and should be followed during produc- its use should be investigated carefully. Depending on the metallurgical or mechan- ical properties of the weldment, or both, pre- 8.

What is meant by post-heating and how is it applied?

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Post weld heat treatment

In this paper, the liquation cracking and strain-age cracking behavior of nickel-based GTD superalloy which is welded by Nd:YAG pulse laser through several heat treatment cycles, has been studied. Investigations on the hardness of the base metal showed that there was a direct relationship between hardness of the base metal and crack length. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

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Pre heating and/or Post heating have been widely employed in welding operation for preventing cold cracking. This paper presents the effect of.

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