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Big Data Computing And Clouds Trends And Future Directions Pdf

big data computing and clouds trends and future directions pdf

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Big Data in Cloud Computing: A Resource Management Perspective

Data mining applications are becoming increasingly important for the wide range of manufacturing and maintenance processes.

During daily operations, large amounts of data are generated. This large volume and variety of data, arriving at a greater velocity has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the negative side, the abundance of data often impedes the ability to extract useful knowledge. In addition, the large amounts of data stored in often unconnected databases make it impractical to manually analyse for valuable decision-making information.

However, an advent of new generation big data analytical tools has started to provide large scale benefits for the organizations. The paper examines the possible data inputs from machines, people and organizations that can be analysed for maintenance. Further, the role of big data within maintenance is explained and how, if not managed correctly, big data can create problems rather than provide solutions.

The paper highlights the need to have advanced mining techniques to enable conversion of data into information in an acceptable time frame and to have modern analytical tools to extract value from the big datasets.

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Previous Article Identifying electronic gaming machine gambling personae through unsupervised session classification. Keywords: Big data , CBM , manufacturing. Mathematics Subject Classification: 00B Big data collection and analysis for manufacturing organisations. References: [1] A. Google Scholar [2] A. Google Scholar [3] G. Google Scholar [4] J. Google Scholar [5] O. Google Scholar [6] S. Google Scholar [7] S. Google Scholar [8] K.

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Big Data computing and clouds: Trends and future directions

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A comparison of approaches to large-scale data analysis. Apache Hadoop Goes Realtime at Facebook. BigBench - towards an industry standard benchmark for big data analytics. Big Data computing and clouds - Trends and future directions. Big data and cloud computing - new wine or just new bottles.

Saeed Ullah, M. Daud Awan, M. The modern day advancement is increasingly digitizing our lives which has led to a rapid growth of data. Such multidimensional datasets are precious due to the potential of unearthing new knowledge and developing decision-making insights from them. Analyzing this huge amount of data from multiple sources can help organizations to plan for the future and anticipate changing market trends and customer requirements.

big data computing and clouds trends and future directions pdf

Big Data computing and clouds: Trends and future directions. Author links open Survey of solutions for carrying out analytics and Big Data on Clouds. URL

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. SDNs, Clouds, and Big Data: New Opportunities Abstract: We are at the cusp of a technological revolution driven mainly by advances in hardware technology, network architectural support, and the ability to process big data. The hardware industry, driven by Moore's law, continues to provide steadily increasing computing capability with diminishing costs. With the support of hardware advances, platforms for distributed storage and processing of big data, such as Apache Hadoop, provide the ability to scalably and reliably process massive amounts of data using a cluster of commodity servers. In parallel, a revolution is ongoing in the networking world.

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Cloud Computing Challenges and Future Trends

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Most Downloaded Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Articles

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    Data mining applications are becoming increasingly important for the wide range of manufacturing and maintenance processes.

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